"Coltrane Rules: Tao of a Music Warrior" won album of the year on Gilles Peterson's BBC radio show.

"Bartz is a remarkable saxophonist who can easily recall the more lyrical moments of Coltrane or the r&b stylings of players like Hank Crawford. This wide spectrum of sound is approproate for his recordings (The Blues Chronicles: Tales of Life) because, as the title states, it is a chronicling of the blues, a music Bartz sees in a variety of places outside traditional 12-bar form." - R. Dante Sawyer, Jazziz

"This autobiographical recording spans the breadth of this expressive altoman's career from hard bop and electric funk through the accoustic avant-garde. Bartz is arguably the most soulfully expressive altoist on the scene." - Gene Kalbacher, Hot House

The resurrgence of Bartz, an alto and soprano saxophonist who made his mark three decades ago, is cause for celebration. On this intriguing concept project, loosely detailing the disparate influences of a jazzman, Bartz displays scope and still-intact razor-sharp chops. At times, he takes on funk, rap, and reggae with polish, but when he digs into more suitable jazz and blues modes, the soul of a modern master is truly revealed. A- " - Steve Futterman, Entertainment Weekly

"Saxophonist Gary Bartz is an unfashionable age, hails from an unfashionable city and has an unfashionable attitude (he believes jazz is not superior to black pop music but inextricable connected to it). These circumstances have denied him recognition as one of today's most gifted jazz artists, but he has made a series of stunning albums over the past eight years.. " - Geoffrey Himes, The Washingon Post

"Bartz has always been a fearless re-inventor of his own musical character, and this latest collection is a soulful compendium of his various musical identities with his solid and inventive playing on alto and soprano sax being the connective tissue throughout." - CashBox

"Gary Bartz's energetic reentry on Jazz radio has many hailing his saxophone as the closest thing to a modern day Coltrane as we're ever going to hear." - Keith Zimmerman, Gavin

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